Behind Rogue-Reptiles

Owen McIntyre (Owner and Operator)

Owen McIntyre has wanted to work with animals since he was three years old. Over the course of his four years studying at Delaware Valley College, Owen found his passion lay in the study of reptiles and quickly began to collect his own snakes. What began with a California King Snake and a baby Coastal Carpet, quickly turned into an extensive collection of pristine and valuable reptiles. Before graduating from Delval with a BS in small animal science Pre-Vet and a Minor in Biology, Owen worked at a local Zoo and educational facility as their resident Reptile Expert and head of Conservation Education. There he learned to care for a wide variety of species and successfully managed the Zoo’s reptile breeding program.

He also takes great pride in his accomplishments in educating the public.  Owen has delivered dozens of live presentations to people of all age groups and experience levels with a strong passion of educating the public in this hobby we love. In the process, he was able to rub elbows with animal experts like Jungle Jack Hanna (director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo) and Clyde Peeling (director of Clyde Peeling's Reptiland). He was also able to take part in TV appearances on Maury, Letterman, Good Morning America and Good Day Philadelphia. Owen finally parted ways with the Zoo in 2009 to pursue his interests in other fields, which included teaching and laboratory animal science. 

Currently Owen holds a position as an associate agent at Nationwide insurance in Morgantown PA along side his father. This allows Owen to work for himself and spend more time in the reptile world that he loves.

In 2010 He decided to Co-host Morelia Python Radio with Eric Burke. A number of years later and the show is still going strong and Owe and Eric have no plans of stopping. Owen contributes doing the show with the massive growth in not only the carpet pythons in the collection at Rogue but also the other species as well.


In conclusion; when opportunity and preparedness meet, success is imminent. With this success, we present to you:


Providing Top-Notch Quality animals and the BEST customer service in the industry.  Guaranteed.