Wamena Locality 


Striker is our miracle scrub, he was the boy I was convinced would never be found. Shortly after we purchased our patternless Wamena Jewel the search began for a male. After chasing down many many leads we had all but given up. Suddenly we found a scrub that we quickly confirmed to me a Wamena and male. Needless to say we scooped him up. He has lightened up in the past year from a dark almost black baby boy to a tan and black male. Striker gets his name from his love of hiding in the logs in his cage and coming at your hand from any direction. We can't wait to see what he and Jewel produce.


Jewel is a one of a kind scrub in the collection, she is a patternless Wamena scrub from David Means. We purchased her around the same time we got a hold of our barneck scrubs. We hunted for a long time and were lucky enough to finally find her a male. With Striker and Jewel we can hope that we can produce our own line of patternless scrubs here at Rogue.  

Jayapura Locality 

Radient (Ray)

Radient, somewhat named after his dad, the famous “Reign” from David Means, is a ’11 CBB offspring from the Dam, Azkadellia. He has phenomenal, “radiant” colors, as well as near perfect banding. He is extremely calm and can be free handled at all times. We believe in slowly raising this species, as overweight specimens do not breed well. It will be a long road for him- but a great future- especially when you see who we plan to pair him with!!!


Sunrise is our “Trophy Scrub”. She is literally breath-taking, at still a young age. She was also produced by David Means. Shortly after purchasing her and posting pictures online, David expressed his “seller’s remorse”. We love David- but you’ll have to pry this girl from our cold dead fingers!! Although, she will happily go with anyone who puts their hands on her, as she is just as sweet as Radiant, with very little handling in her life. Her and Radiant will hopefully be the centerpiece of ‘14/’15.