Reeses is our first step into blood pythons and she is a very good first step for us. We received her in a trade with Lon Deixler (The Clockwork Serpent).  She is a 2012 female Lyly Matrix (het albino) produced by Matt Turner. The Lyly gene is a turbocharger in the bloods and are characterized by a more vibrant red color, usually have red heads and broken up stripe sometimes spotted stripe down the dorsal, with chain linking striping going down the body, with black inside them and towards the tail. The black in Lylys makes nice contrast, and is what really adds to Albino Lylys. Reeses is also a Matrix, The matrix is a codom morph which has a super form that is the Ivory blood. Matt Minatola said "there's a lot of sweet ass genes in there." and I'm inclined to agree with if I can just get used to picking her up I'll be set.