Bredlis "Centralian" Carpet Python


Raven is our female Bredli's pythons she is a 2005 animal produced by the Hamper's (Elegant Reptile Images). She was sold to us along with our male Fawkes by Mike Curtin (Scattershot Reptiles) and is our first jump into Bredli's. She is an 8ft large female but is very sweet and has already quickly become a favorite of mine. We are very excited to try out this species of carpet and are looking to produce them in the 2013 season for the first time.


Fawkes is our male Bredli's carpet python not much is known about Fawkes. He came from Mike Curtin along with our female Raven but has no background on him other then where he was purchased from by Mike. Fawkes is smaller then Raven....but not by much, he is a great looking male and we are very hopeful that he will sire our first Bredli's clutch in 2013


Sparrow is our 2nd female Bredli, she is also banded like Fawkes and Raven. She came to us after we came across her at a local reptile show and were in awe of her color. Much brighter then both Fawkes and Raven at the time. She has darkened up a bit but still takes our breath away in natural light. Shortly after purchasing Sparrow she was sent off to a friends to breed with his male bredli for unrelated babies to the ones produced by our other two bredli. After two seasons of nothing we took Sparrow back home to try our own luck with Fawkes. She is a typical Bredli with an awesome attitude, veracious appetite and we have high hopes for her to produce amazing babies this year and years to come.


Hawk is our 2nd male Bredli produced by Jamie Karns (Razor-sharp Reptiles) he will hopefully bring some much needed new blood into the Bredli project.