Caramel Carpet Pythons

Caramel Is another a proven co-dominant mutation In coastal carpet python, baby caramels give the appearance of baby red coastal carpets but without any black markings with age the caramels develop a golden  caramel color.  Found and proven by Paul Harris ( caramels have also been crossed with jaguars to form caramel jags, so breeders are currently working on caramel tigers and zebras. Unlike jaguar caramel does have a living super form (proven to be a true super form by Paul Harris in 2010). Super caramels lack any dark markings on them and have an even brighter golden color then the normal caramels. These super caramels have also been crossed with jaguars to make super caramel jags. Like the super caramels these babies lack dark markings and have no outlines around the saddles normally seen on coastal jags, this makes for some excellent looking jaguars. We are looking forward to adding our own caramel, caramel jag, caramel tiger, super caramel and super caramel jag projects in the coming years.


Our adult female Venus she has a very different pattern then our adult male Mars and is also far more docile, she is about 6-61/2ft long and has become a proven breeder for the past two season (caramel and caramel tigers in 2012, super caramels in 2013, and two clutches of super caramel jags in 2014 & 2016). I’m very happy to add her to our breeding stock and this rare mutation. Venus has also gotten brighter with age and has become one of my personal favorite snakes. 

I'm am very excited to have Venus as part of the breeding program here at Rogue and can't wait to see how mixing her with the tigers, jags, super caramels and many many other combos


Scarlett is our female caramel tiger, bred here from a 2012 pairing of our female caramel Venus and our male tiger Remus. She is a very rare animal and the first step to getting true super caramel tigers or improving super caramel jags and tiger jags. Scarlet is growing fast and will soon be added to our breeding programs first up will be our caramel jag male "Lucian" or Caramel "Pluto" either way Scarlett is going to produce some amazing offspring year after year.


Lucian is our 2011 male caramel jag from Kerry King and Todd Dyer at  Psychotic Exotics. Lucian is the next step for the caramel project here at Rogue. By adding him we can no produce caramel jags, super caramel jags and super caramel tigerjags once Scarlett is up to size. He is a powerful feeder and is one of the fastest carpets i've seen. We can't wait to see what is in store for him here.


Pluto is a male caramel produced by Rogue-reptiles in the 2013 season. He is the son of Venus and our original caramel male Mars. after spending three years for sale and having various potential owners back out on him, along with our growing need for breeding non Jag males we decided to give Pluto a name and put him in the male rotation. We tried him a little bit in the 2016 season as a back up male but 2017 will be his first real test as a breeding male. He will be added to our super caramel and caramel jag projects this year.


Orrin is another late addition to our caramel projects. Orrin was produced by Paul Harris and was purchased and raised by Eric Burke. He has sired a few clutches with Eric and was offered to me as some new blood for the breeding projects. He will hit the ground running as he joins us for the 2017 breeding season and will go to Venus and Scarlett, he will also be listed as a back up for Dakota if need be.


Eros is a Caramel jag male produced here at Rogue in 2016. With the need to add both Orrin and Pluto to the caramel projects we noticed that we were seriously lacking in the hold back department. Eros was the best male caramel jag I produced in the 2016 season so he will stay on as a potential future breeder and replacement for his father Lucian if need be.


**Pics coming soon**

Lyanna is a caramel jag female produced here at Rogue in 2016. She was the best non-super caramel that we produced this year and her addition to the collection is some what bitter sweet. Lyanna is the eventual replacement for Venus when she is retired from breeding. Venus has so far produced four clutches of eggs and over one hundred babies. So we felt is was time to begin raising up other female caramels to take her place. Lyanna will our course join her sisters Tysha, and Elia, as well as half sisters Scarlett and Dakota in the caramel breeding projects.