Ghost is our 2014 pure Darwin male for Nick Mutton (Inland Reptiles) and he has been a long time coming. I've wanted an albino carpet since they first popped up in Australia in the early 2000s. I have very pleases to see them make their way to the states as mixed animals. I was very patient wanted to have a 100% pure Darwin line instead of a mixed line. So when I called Nick Mutton this year to inquire about an Axanthic jag male (Colt) it didn't take long for me to ask about purchasing Ghost. Ghost is a small ball of fire wrapped in snake skin. He took food almost immediately after arriving and has been a pure joy to since arriving with no issues shedding or feeding. THANK GOD. After breeding/hatching/raising hundreds of carpets I've never been more nervous about keeping/raising an animal in my life. I have gotten better tho and no longer hold him like he is made of glass and I stopped checking on him 8 times a day. We are extremely excited to start an Albino project and we will be hunting down a female for Ghost in the near future and maybe include him into a snow, sun glow, or moon glow project.  


Banshee is our female ocelot jag produced by Eric Burke (EB Morelia) and will be an amazing partner for Ghost in the coming years. Of course she is also an monster as you can see by her pictures.....which were annoying to take 


Glimmer is the Citrus Tiger het albino produced by Eric Burke (EB Morelia) she is the perfect blend of several project Eric and I have been working on. The HCQ and Tiger to make the Citrus Tigers and adding albino to the mix. Eric and I hope that citrus and HCQ will increase the color and contrast in the albinos.