Diamond Pythons


Alastair is our male diamond python hatched in August and was produced by Kerry King and Todd Dyer of Psychotic Exotics. He is a classic diamond in every sense of the word. With a darker more organized pattern then our female Elinor, Alastair draws your eye just by sitting there. Both our diamonds are from a breeding of two GV's (Gary Valle) line animals. We're very excited to have these animals and hope to continue the Valle lines....even mixing them with Eric's SDZ line animals.


Elinor is our female diamond and is also produced by Todd and Kerry at Psychotic Exotics from their 2014 breeding of GV's (Gary Valle) line animals. Elinor is what drew us to the idea of purchasing diamond pythons. After seeing her bold color and insane head pattern in a display on Todd's table. After being poked and prodded about if I purchased them yet or not.....I bought them. And I have been extremely happy with the results.  Elinor is an amazing animal and completely blows me away that her and Alastair are in my collection.