In the summer of 2014 Rogue was gifted 2.2 Dominican Red Mountain Boas from a small collector that had just received 4.4 adults. We had decided not to pass on such a rare and beautiful species. 


Ruby is our first female Dominican Red Mountain Boa she is a brighter red color then our other three boas. Ruby has a calm attitude and only seems to get excited when food is in the room or when she is protecting her newly born babies. The story behind Ruby is a funny one after only three days here at Rogue at unexpected thing happened Ruby had 20 babies. Apparently Ruby's pregnancy had gone unnoticed during the all the moving and transporting that had happened before coming to Rogue. Basically I came into the room searching for the source of a terrible smell and fund Ruby in the back corner of her cage and what looked like egg yokes and jelly fish in the middle of the cage. Thats when I saw the first baby hiding in its mother coils. Of course the next step was TONS of pictures. Now of course its trial by fire we have 20 little ones that need to be fed and raised up so we better learn fast. Ruby is an amazing animal and we are so happy to have her. 


Rose is our second female mountain boa and even though she and Ruby are potentially sisters they are complete polar opposites. Were Ruby has a bright red/orange color Rose is a deep dark red that looks amazing when caught in the light. Also Unlike Ruby, Rose has no desire to be touched of handled. While she won't bite Rose will musk at a moments notice. This of course means that we don't really handle her unless we have to. Musk or no we're glad she is here and are excited to see babies from her with Rusty and Ronin in the future.


Rusty is our male Dominican Red Mountain Boa and came to us the same day as Ruby, Ronin and Rose all by the same means. We had the pick of the males and Rusty stood out for obvious reasons he has a bolder pattern and a different shade of red the Ruby. Like Ruby, Rusty has a calmer attitude then some of the other boas that reside here at Rogue (looking at you ATBs). All though Rusty was in the same collection as Ruby we can't for certain say that he was the sire of the 20 babies that were born here shortly after the boas arrival here at Rogue. But the idea is that the two will be paired in the future and give us some babies that were 100% rogue babies. Unlike the other 3 boas in the group Rusty is a pastel. A codom morph of red mountain boa that gives them a pinkish grey color and bolder pattern. It'll be interesting to see what his offspring with Ruby and Rose will look like.


Ronin is our 2nd male Dominican Red Mountain Boa, he was chosen for the obvious reason that his is the darkest shade of red I have ever seen on an animal. He is an amazing looking animal and has such a laid back attitude  its almost funny. When trying to clean his cage he will try to stay coiled up on the paper for as long as possible. even if you eventually flip him over cause you are pulling the paper out. I for one can't wait to see the red on the offspring from him and Rose.