Jupiter (Jupiter 2 that is) is a captive born and bred male from Steve Tillis (Reptillis Herps LLC) he is the first step in rebuilding our gold phase white lip projects at rogue. We recently decided to move away from the wild caught and farm bred animals which is why Jupiter and Pandora have replaced the large adult white lips we used to have. We hope to have success with these animals in the coming years.


Pandora is our CBB gold white lip python female. Pandora was produced in 2014 by Steve Tillis. We got our 1.1 white lips as fresh hatchlings so we are unsure of how their color will develop and we can't wait to see it. Our hope is that Pandora and Jupiter might hold the key to producing more CBB gold phase white lips  


**Pics coming soon**

Atlas and Pleione are our only wild caught gold white lips we currently have he is unlike a typical WC white lip and is actually very calm. and easy to handle. Our hope is that Atlas and Pleione will produce a clutch or two of gold white lips as the CBB trio grows up to breeding age.


** Pics coming soon**

Pleione is our female long term captive adult white lip and she is a a typical wild caught with a attitude. she has taken very well to Atlas and even lives in the same cage year round. We are hopeful that we'll have a clutch of white lips from these two in the near future.


Scout is a 2015 captive born and bred female gold phase white lip produced by Sean Jacobs. She is our only CBB white lip to be born in the state of PA. She will be a huge part of our captive white lip projects. She is a much kinder animal then the wild caught counter parts. she is growing fast and will be paired with Jupiter to make 2nd generation CBB white lips.