Granite Irian Jaya Carpet Pythons


Mason is our male granite Irian Jaya and was the first IJ here at rogue. Mason came completely by accident, at a reptile show we were supposed to be picking up a pair of hypo brooks kingsnakes. But when we arrived at the sellers table the animals had been forgotten. Thats when I saw Mason in a display, with a little wheeling and dealing, the brooks were quickly forgotten and Mason came home instead. Once we got home we immediately started searching for a potential mate. After finding Willow (a 100% het granite) the IJ project was off the ground. The main concern with granite is the complications that arise from breeding animals too closely related. Lucky for use here it seems that Mason and Willow aren't closely related. Our hope is for the granite project to yield granite in 2013 and to get involved with granite jags as soon as possible.


Willow, is our 100% het (Heterozygous) for granite female IJ. Produced by Paul Harris (UK Pythons) Willow came to us via Chuck Poland (Reaper Reptiles) as the final step of one crazy weekend. In the start of the weekend we acquired our granite male Mason, after getting him I began the search for a granite or het granite female to mate with Mason. I knew it was a very long shot and was fully prepared to not having a mate for Mason for a very long time.....after two minutes of searching i found Willow. GO FIGURE. Willow is a wonderful welcome addition to Rogue she has a great disposition and I can't wait to see the little granite IJs out of her