High Contrast Queensland Carpets

In the early 90’s the term “Queensland” was used interchangeability with “Coastal” for labeling carpet pythons. Dave Prada was sold the original High contrast Queensland parents as such.  It was soon discovered that coastal and jungle carpet pythons both inhabited Queensland Australia.  No one knows for sure what makes up a High Contrast Queensland carpet, some say jungle coastal cross and some even consider it a separate locality. These carpets come with bright yellow coloration with bold black patterns, they also seem to have very little black tipping and scales turning black with age. These carpets have been crossed with various carpet mutations to improve  color and pattern. HCQ tigers are very popular, the High cons bring added yellow to the tiger pattern. Here at Rogue we have taken our high contrast male “Pyro” and crossed him with our Jaguar female “Aurora” to make the first ever HCQ Jaguar carpet pythons, even though the are just babies now we are looking forward to seeing the color and pattern progression as they get older.


At Rogue-Reptiles we have a pair of High Contrast Queensland Carpets, First is our Male “Pyro”   is a 2006 High Contrast Queensland Coastal produced by Dave Prada  (Komodo Reptiles). Pyro is a key part of our Jaguar and HCQ Tiger  projects; but the key project will be the High Contrast Queensland  Coastal project here at Rogue with our female “Lyra”. He sired the first   clutch on HCQ Jags in the 2010-breeding season; we can’t wait for the babies to start growing. Lyra and Pyro were bred in 2011 to produce our very own pure HCQ babies.

Pyro is also one of the males used in the  study for artificial insemination of pythons at Delaware Valley College.


Cassiopeia, was produced here at Rogue-Reptiles and is the son of Pyro and Lyra. Cassiopeia is a huge female for a 2011 and is gaining size and weight faster then all of his siblings. she is also gaining color, Cassiopeia is gaining brighter yellow then both her mother and father did at his age. Cassiopeia will be added to our tiger project as well as many others here at Rogue. She produced her 1st clutch in 2016 with our male Jag Talon and her son Apollo is staying as part of the HCQ Jag projects.


**Pics & Bio Coming Soon**