Jaguar Carpet Pythons

Jaguar is a proven co-dominant mutation In coastal carpet python. In a Jaguar clutch approximately 1/2 of the clutch will express the Jaguar gene while the other 1/2 will not, jaguar siblings, In most cases co-dominant gene crossed with one another will produce a “super” form (homozygous) In the case of Jaguar this produces 50% of the clutch being leucistic (all white) these babies are known as “lethal whites” because they never survive past a few months of age.

Here at Rogue-Reptiles LLC we have two pairs of resident Jaguars.


Our Female “Aurora” is a 2006 Jaguar from Will Leary (Reptilicus Reptiles). She is a product of a cross between Will’s Madame Blue Berry (MBB) and Benjamin. Aurora was the first Jaguar at Rogue, and like many of the others resided in my dorm room. She has been used is some educational programs when she was younger to educate that snakes are not to be feared. Like all jaguars from Will she has amazing color, which has blown up since she was a baby to a bright yellow, and we are very much looking forward to any and all offspring from her


The Male “Talon” is a Red Jaguar produced by Jason Baylin (East Coast  Serpents) in 2008. He is the product of a Red Tri-stripe crossed with an   Ornate Jaguar. Talon’s color has exploded since he came to Rogue last year he went from nearly white to PINK then settling on a dusky pink. He  still has a lot of growing to do but will be very important to our “red  tiger-jag” project. We are really looking forward to see how his color  changes, as he gets older. Talon was bred to our lesser tiger "Trinity" with amazing results in the offspring


Echo was produced her at Rogue-Reptiles and is the son of Talon and Trinity from their 2011 pairing. He has an extremely reduced pattern and a perfect back stripe. He also has a goldish color coming in and red outlines on his patterns and saddles. Echo is a wonderful addition to all our projects and we expect great things for this little jag


Polaris was produced here in 2011 from a pairing of Aurora and Pyro even at her young age she already has a lot of yellow and excellent pattern like her mother did at her age. Polaris is the next up and coming female jag and will be involved in many of our morph projects


Mako is a 2015 Tiger jag produced here at Rogue and is the son of Echo and Maya. We decided to keep Mako for our need to have a back up nothing but a clean great patterned tiger jag. He was a shy feeder at first but now is rolling on food and growing fast. We aren't sure what projects he will be involved with in the future but he will be used to add unrelated blood to some of the caramel and tiger projects.

Sound Wave

Sound wave is a 2016 red tiger jag that was from ourrepeat pairing of Echo to Maya. We had no intentions of keeping any males from our 2016 pairing for Echo to Maya due in largely to the face we had Echo, Mako, and Talon as our breeding male jags/ tiger jags. Sound Wave made us reconsider that idea the second he pipped his egg. With an extremely reduced pattern the likes of which i hadn't seen since his father hatched we decided to keep Sound Wave. We also decided to build and entire reduced pattern project around him and the other animals from Talon and Trinity's offspring.


Apollo is a surprise to come out of a surprise while dealing with a surprise. Apollo is the son of Talon and Cassiopeia (Cassie). Up until his mother laid the eggs we were unsure on if she was a he or visa versa. Cassie is our only remaining HCQ from the 2011 clutch of Pyro and Lyra. And has never seemed interested in breeding to a male or female, so we decided to use our ever fateful red jag Talon to see if a clutch was even possible. Surprise they locked up. After a while we see swelling but not a great amount so i was about to call it a quits and determine that Cassie would never breed. Surprise 14eggs. Now these eggs came late in the season so i put them in the incubator and waited for them to hatch. On day 60 of their incubation i noticed that they didn't seem at all ready to hatch. Surprise the incubator had been unplugged the entire time. So the eggs hatched on day 76 of their incubation. With Apollo coming out with a crazy reduced pattern and an awesome dark orange body. We decided immediately Apollo has to stay at Rogue.