Hello all breeding season has started at Rogue and fresh out of the gate we've had a few bumps and some great signs of eggs in the near future. 

first our problems were mostly males and females not getting alone to well.....match maker I am not. So the pairs are kind of all messed up now.

Pyro is with Lyra and Aurora...In th hopes for HCQ carpets, HCQ jags, and HCQ jag siblings

we have already seen some sucess with the pair of Pyro and Aurora (picture below was taken two days ago)

Griffin is with Sophie (and just sophie all the other girls don't like him) with no pictures there but looks like they've been breeding.

Thorn is with Mira (will have 75% coastal babies) and Tika (stripes and normal babies)

Mira is already showing signs of being gravid and is unable to fully coil herself as she normally would.(picture below was taken a week ago)

Tika is proving more difficult....she almost chased Griffin and Pyro out of her cage and I was beginning to think no eggs from her this year

but then yesterday.......

she has taken a liking to Thorn.

So thats the breeding so far in other news.....Our band of misfit reptiles has grown one more with the introduction of "Goblin" tangerine Honduran Milk snake that was found in a friends bathroom. He is eating nicely and looks like he's gonna stick around.

 (not actually him but this is what he looks like)

Well thats it for now I'll keep updating as we get closer to having eggs

-Owen McIntyre