2011 Breeding Season Starting

It is October which means the "cool down" part of hibernation has begun. It is also when I announce the pairs that we're working with here are Rogue-Reptiles will be the season.

Here is the break down for the 2011 season:

Females                           Males         Expected Offspring                     


Aurora                                       Pyro           HCQ Jags, HCQ jag sibs

Sophie                                       Griffin         Reduced pattern Coastals

Lyra                                           Pyro           High Contrast Queensland Carpets

Tikia                                           Thorn         Striped Coastals, Normal Coastals

Trinity                                        Talon          Jags and Jag sibs

Aislinn                                        Talon          Red tiger jags, red Jags, red Tigers, Red sibs


Shade                                         Casey        Lavender Albinos, Possable Het Albinos

Granite Spotted Pythons  

Adrian                                         Rocky         Granite Spotted pythons


Angel                                          Storm          Womas

Princess                                      Storm          Womas

Honduran Milksnakes



As you can see for the first time we will be offering Milksnakes, Womas, Kingsnakes, and Red Tiger-Jags. Of course the pairs are subject to change so check back during breeding season for any changes that come up.

We are taking names down for a waitlist, this is a contact list let us know what you may be interested in and we will contact you once a baby is ready to be sold.

Heres to a great 2011 season