Eggs on the way

OK. All the females have had their prelay sheds a few weeks ago which means eggs will be showing up any day now. Fist up is Tikia with her due date starting on the 18th of March. After that it is rapid fire with Aurora's, Sophie's, and finally Mira's due dates within a few day after. Aurora and Mira have already started to bask belly up (warming the eggs) all of the girls have taken the paper in their cages and made, for lack of a better word, nests. The girls have gotten very mad and will not allow me near the cage or themselves.

The Boys on the other hand are settling into post breeding season life, they are all eating well and relaxing.

stay tuned for egg announcements to come soon, as well as changes made to the site to allow for easier ordering of the babies as the hatch around May-June (depending on when the eggs are laid)