Breeding Season is Over

Here are the results of the 2010 breeding season

1st up is the pairing of Lyra and Pyro both High Contrast Queensland Coastal Carpet Pythons

We didn't get any eggs for this pair this year but are hopeful for next season

The 2nd Pair is Pyro and our female Jaguar Aurora

Aurora laid 22 good eggs that are due to hatch around May 24th. We are very excited to see what the Jaguars and Jaguar siblings will look like from this pairing.

3rd pair is Thorn our lesser tiger with Tikia the striped carpet

Although we had seen Thorn and Tikia breeding many times we didn't get any eggs from her this year

the 4th pair is Thorn with our coastal Jungle cross Mira

This pair gave us 23eggs last year and they didn't disappoint this year with 26 good eggs due to hatch on May 30th.

The 5th and final pair was Griffin and Sophie both normal coastal carpet pythons

Sophie and Griffin exceeded expectations and produced 32 good eggs.

This brings the grad total for the season to 80eggs that are now sitting in the incubator, all the moms are bouncing back and taking a much earned rest until October.

Check back for update on the eggs and the babies to come

-Owen McIntyre