Hello Everyone

So far one clutch has hatched. The first out of the three is the clutch between our male High contrast Queensland carpet (HCQ) Pyro and our female Jaguar carpet Aurora. I've been waiting for this clutch to hatch out for almost a week now, and it seemed much longer. Given the yellow color of both parents I am very much looking forward to seeing the babies as their color begins to come in. So far all the little ones have pipped (poked their heads out) and five babies have come out of the egg completely. The count so far is 12 baby Jaguars and 10 baby Jaguar siblings. The babes will be posted in the "snakes for sale" page once they have shed, and start to eat regularly.


so here are the pictures so far with many more to come


Stay tuned for more babies from our other clutches and for when the babies available for purchase.

-Owen McIntyre