two heads...ONE BODY

five mins after I posted the last entrie about my Pyro and Aurora's clutch I went downstairs to see if there were any other babies out of the egg. I saw one baby head pipped out mouth open. So immediately I'm thinking the baby is in trouble so I cut around the pipped hole to pull it out. to my shock two heads.....ONE BODY!!!

Two headed snakes has been known to happen but so far I am only aware of ONE other two headed carpet python hatched in the United States by Anthony Caponetto ( so needless to say the little guy was extremily rare.

the sad part is that the little guy had really bad spinal deformities starting at his head and running all down his back and what looked like a badly formed chest cavity.....I could see his heart beat. His tail was also locked in a "curled" position. He was very limp and had no control or feeling in any part of his body. As I was getting ready to put him in the freezer to end what I can only think is pain he died.

I'm pretty bummed out about this one.... all the other babies seem happy and healthy....and only have ONE HEAD

This is looking likt it will be an interesting year for us here at Rogue-Reptiles

-Owen McIntyre