More babies

Ok all the babies are out of the egg looks like we have 85 babies total. There are Jaguars, Jag siblings, Normal Coastal carpet python, and 75% coastal carpet pythons.

Sophie's eggs began to hatch on the 22nd of May. I was very happy to see that some of these babies have very interesting colors and patterns. Here are some of the pictures.

The following day Mira's clutch began to poke their heads out of the eggs. I had no Idea what to expect form this clutch by ways of pattern and color. Now that they're out of the egg I see some really cool babies in the bunch.

Now we just have to wait a bit longer for the babies to shed and eat. Then they'll be up for sale. I am also looking at which Reptile show/expos I will attend in the tri-state area (PA, NY, MD). I'll post dates on the website as we make plans, along with pictures of the babies as they shed and then once they are ready for their new homes 

-Owen McIntyre