New additions

we have now at Rogue a new Pair of 2009 Caramel Carpet pythons.

Caramel Is another a proven co-dominant mutation In coastal carpet python, baby caramels give the appearance of baby red coastal carpets but without any black markings with age the caramels develop a golden  caramel color.  Found and proven by Paul Harris ( caramels have also been crossed with jaguars to form caramel jags, so breeders are currently working on caramel tigers and zebras. Unlike jaguar caramel does have a living super form (proven to be a true super form by Paul Harris in 2010). Super caramels lack any dark markings on them and have an even brighter golden color then the normal caramels. These super caramels have also been crossed with jaguars to make super caramel jags. Like the super caramels these babies lack dark markings and have no outlines around the saddles normally seen on coastal jags, this makes for some excellent looking jaguars. We are looking forward to adding our own caramel, caramel jag, caramel tiger, super caramel and super caramel jag projects in the coming years.


Here are pictures of our Caramels

Our male "Mars"






Our Female, can't settle on a name yet