Fake Rogue

It has come to my attention that there is at least one individual selling animals claiming that they were produced by me or from my stock of animals. I was told by someone looking for a baby carpet that he was sold a jaguar that was one of Aurora's offspring from 2007. Now being that Aurora was born in 2006 and I've owned her since she was two months old, I would know if she was bred when she was ONE YEAR OLD. Aurora's first clutch was this year, I keep very good records and know every snake I've ever sold.

If you have a snake that is believed to be from my stock please don't hesitat to contact me and I'll be happy to confirm if the snake in question is or isn't from Rogue-Reptiles LLC.

Now for anyone who is using my animals to sell their own I'll ask you to stop at once, this will not be taken lightly, I have spoken to my lawyer and will take any and all legal action to ensure my company's good name and the quility of animals I produce.


check back for updated pictures of the babies for sale as well as show anouncements