Site Changes

We've put the website through some changes as of last night with more to come.

First- we have the new "Upcoming shows" page which will list all the shows Rogue will be attending as a vender as well as which shows aniamls may be picked up at FREE OF CHARG, and the "Rogue-Reptiles on Facebook" page that will directly link you to Rogue's facebook page. be sure to "like" us today.

Second- the "our snakes" page as been redone to include a breif discrption of each morph and the animals we have here that have these mutations. I've have also added our new male red tiger "Orion" to the page and will be adding our new coastal female "Sonja" to it as well

Lastly- The most important thing is that I've redone the "snakes for sale page" with up to date pictures of all the 2010 babies and put the first 2011 hatchlings up for sale. Right now just the HCQ babies are up but I will add more babies as they feed and shed.

Also I know it seems like only yesterday but we will be headed into October soon which means keep an eye out of this years breeding line up and journal to be posted.....any sugestions on pairs??