2014 Breeding season Pairs

Ok kids its that time again, time for Rogue to announce our 2014 prospective pairs. These pairs are subject to change and don't have any wait lists or reservations unless indicated. The way it goes is that is the females will be listed with the prospective males and potential off spring.

Carpet Python Clutches 

Pair #1- Super Caramel Jags/ Super Caramel

Venus (Caramel Female) X Lucian (Caramel Jag Male)

Offspring= Super Caramel Jags, Super Caramels, Caramels, Jags

Babies hatched 5/3/2014 

Pair #2- Red Tigers

Alisa (Red Tiger Female) X Orion (Red Tiger Male)

Offspring= Red Tigers

baby red tigers hatched 6/11/2014

Pair #3- Tigers

Trinity (Coastal Female) X Orion (Red Tiger Male) 

Offspring= Tigers, Red Tigers, Coastals

Pair #4- Caramel Jag

Layla (Coastal Female) X Lucian (Caramel Jag Male) 

Offspring= Caramel Jags, Caramels  

Pair #5- Red Jags

Sophie (Coastal Female) X Talon (Red Jag Male)

Offspring= Jags, coastals

Pair #6- HCQs

Carmen (Coastal Female) X Castor (G1 HCQ Male)

Offspring= HCQs, Coastals  

Pair #7- Tiger-Jags

Pixie (HCQ Tiger Female) X Echo (Red Jag Male) 

Offspring= Tiger-Jags, Tigers, Jags

Pair #8- Bredli's Pythons

Raven (Bredli Female) X Fawkes (Bredli Male)

Offspring= Bredli  

Pair #9- Jungle Carpets

June (VPI Jungle Female) X Bane (Bell Jungle Male) 

Offspring= Jungle carpets  

Pair #10- Granite IJs/ Granite Jags

Willow ( 100% het granite IJ Female) X Zippo (100% het granite IJ Jag Male)  

Offspring= Granite Jags, Granites, IJ jags,

***Back Up Male***

Mason (Granite IJ)  

Offspring= Granite IJs  

Liasis Python Clutches

Pair #1- Macklot's Python

Pixel (Macklot's Python Female) X Glitch (Macklot's Python Female)

Offspring= Macklot's Pythons  

Leopython Clutches

Pair #1- Black Phase White Lips

Selene (Southern Female) X Cole (CBB Southern Male)

Offspring= Black Phase White Lip pythons  

Pair #2- Balck Phase White Lips

Ash (Southern Female) X Slate (CBB Southern Male) 

Offspring= Black Phase White Lips

Pair #3- Gold Phase White Lips

Pandora (CBB Nothern Female) X Jupiter (Northern Male) 

Offspring= Gold Phase White Lips

Pair #4- Gold Phase White Lips

Rosalind (Northern Female) Jupiter (Northern Male) 

Offspring= Gold Phase White Lips

15 pairs of pythons looking like we'll be busy this season