Jungle Carpet Pythons

Jungle carpets are the "middle of the road" carpet bigger then IJs but not as large as coastals. Captive bred jungles look almost nothing like their wild counter parts as a result of long term captivity of the breed and selective breeding jungles have now been known for dark black and bright yellow colors with various patterns. Jungles some morphs that originated with them (zebra) but the have been bred into jaguar as well as diamond crosses.


Gypsy is a late addition to the Rogue Jungle collection, She is a Mike Curtin female jungle with beautiful yellow and black coloration. She is a welcome addition to our zebra jag project, jungle project, and jungle jag program.


Clara is our 2009 jungle female produced by Nick Mutton. We acquired her from Zach Baez (Darkside Exotics) where she and her mate Rory had already produced 2 clutches for him. Clara is a little bit on the "I'm always hungry" side and will lay in wait for the door to open before springing into action. Our plan for the pair is to actually split them up, their previous offspring showed OK yellow but deep dark bold black that we hope to past on to our zebra project. So Clara will be paired with Mr. Mayhem.


Rory is the male to our 1.1 2009 Jungles from Nick Mutton. We acquired her from Zach Baez (Darkside Exotics), In previous breedings Rory has shown to be an amazing breeder and has produced some stunning offspring with dark bold black. Our hope is to contine his good track record with Gypsy and our other jungle projects.


Gemma is a 2013 daughter from Rory and Clara that i got when i purchased them. I actually sold Gemma and was contacted a year later by her owner asking if I would be interested in taking her back. No sellers remorse here thankfully. After a year or two to bulk up she's going right to Mayhem and the Zebra project. 


Chase is a 2012 male jungle from Mike Curtin (Scattershot Exotics) and is from a Scattershot x Deliah. And has been an awesome additon to the Rogue Jungle breeding projects.


Punch is a 2012 female jungle produced by Mojo's Reptiles from Corona x Ku. She is an amazing breeder and will be involved in our jungle and zebra projects.