Wild Type Coastal Carpet Pythons


Kodi is a rogue baby that we sold and then found her way back home to us. She is a 2012 for our huge female Sophie to our Lemke line coastal male Griffin. I rediscovered Kodi though a friend that was sold a group of carpet pythons that included Kodi. When i asked if there was any back ground information on her i was given all info I provide my customers along with my own business card. After buying Kodi I went right home and rechecked her baby pictures, ID numbers and sure enough its a Rogue baby. Rarely ever do you get a chance to repack your holdback in reptile breeding. 

Lesser Tiger Carpet Pythons

The term “Lesser Tiger” comes directly from Ted Thompson (Susquehanna Ectotherms). Ted bred a tiger carpet to a normal female in his collection to his surprise he got tigers and some babies the exhibited the colors of a tiger but not the striping that is desired. What made this so interesting is that until now tiger was believed to be a co-dominant morph. Ted has since bred two lesser tigers to each other and yielded no tigers, so needless to say there is still some work to be done with figuring out the tiger gene. In my opinion I believe that these lesser tigers are just simply very good looking Coastals that have tiger siblings, one tiger parent, and exhibit the tiger colors, but don’t carry the gene necessary to pass on the tiger pattern to their offspring. We have two Lesser tigers here at Rogue-Reptiles both came directly for Ted Thompson at a reptile show he and I normally attend.


Trinity When we purchased trinity she was grey and was able to wrap around my index finger between my first and second knuckle. Now due to a huge appetite she has grown immensely. Her color has also changed, or exploded, over night. What started as a grey and white baby has turned into a gold, black and red Carpet Python.  Due to her bright background color and patterns she will be an awesome looking adult. Our hopes are to breed her and Talon and produce some quality Jaguars.