Macklott's Pythons


Glitch is our male Macklots python we received by our good friend Eric Burke of EB Morelia. Eric's incubator failed on him as he was incubating a clutch of carpet pythons. He as us to help incubate and gave Glitch to Rogue as a thank you gift after we hatched out the beautiful group of baby carpets for him. Glitch was produced by Ryan Young and has been growing lighter in color and contrast. Soon after Glitch arrived we scooped up our female Pixel who is on the opposite end of the Mack spectrum then Glitch.


**Pics coming soon**

Bellatrix is or older female Macklotts python. After losing our adult female mack Pixel to egg binding we needed to find a replacement in order to keep the mack project alive. At the Tinley park reptile show the word spread that i was looking for a female macklotts and I was offered a two year old Bellatrix and it was raw hatred by her at first sight. She is by far one of the nastiest pythons i even had. But she is an amazing looking mack and hopefully will help check that species off the list in the 2019 season. 


** Pics coming soon**

Alecto is our 2nd female macklotts python she came to us from Eric burke (EB Morelia) and was produced by Ryan Young. She is a fantastic looking animal even as a baby she had a stellar pattern and amazing colors. Our hope is that she joins Bellatrix and Glitch and produce some awesome baby mack for us. 


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