Marvel is our 2011 male from for Tom Keogan, he is growing fast and strong and always seems to be thinking. He is the male out of our 1.1 olive project that rounds out our third Liasis species (including the macklotts and water pythons). We are very happy to have the project here at rogue and can't wait to start making little olives. Eventually we will be adding albino olives into the project but that's not for some time...they have lots of growing to do.


Ivy is our female Olive python from Tom Keogan. Ivy unlike our male Banner is always thinking of new ways to catch us off our guard. Ivy will move slowly out of her cage at first and then in a blink of an eye dart one direction and be gone from sight. Ivy is also always from and center of her cage for feeding (even if she isn't the one being fed that day). Our hope is that in a few years Ivy will be paired with Nosy to make some excellent olive python offspring. We also hope that someday soon we'll include her into a albino olive python project.


**Pics Coming Soon**

Link is the 2nd male olive, he entire purpose here is to either breed Ivy or annoy Marvel so much that he breeds Ivy. Unlike the other two olives Link is a fast moving bite first figure out if I can eat it later python. Needless to say watch your fingers when opening his tub.