Our second male Rough Scale, Vulcan is a full brother to our other male Romulus and also came from Jeremy Bales from LA Zoo stock Roughies. Vulcan looks very different from his brother in many ways, he is lighter and has a much larger striping around his eyes. He is smaller them Romulus but unlike his brother Vulcan is not shy about food. So we imagine the size difference is only temporary. The idea behind getting to males was to let the smaller of the male go for a profit or for a trade, but Vulcan with his calm demeanor and great feed response is making a great case for staying and making Rogue get two female Roughies for our two brothers. 


Maiev, is one of our female Rough Scaled Python. She is captive born and bred by Dave Dee (Vibrant Viridis) she concludes a search that started when Vulcan and Romulus 1st arrived at Rogue. With excellent contrast and color I can't wait to see how she looks when she is full grown and what babies roughies will look like popping out of eggs here.


Marius is a captive born and bred male by Dave Dee (Vibrant Viridian) We decided to get him and his sister Lucilla because of the interesting striping down their back and sides. I'm hoping that this will be the start of a striped roughie project. 


Lucilla is the 2nd female from Dave Dee (Vibrant Viridian) unlike her older counter part from Dave and brother Lucilla has a no nonsense attitude about her and will threat display at the drop of a hat. Making sure I see all of her nice teeth. I hope is that with her brother i can start making some awesome striped roughies in the next few years.