Keegan is our male Savu python, we acquired him as a gift from our friend Andrew Llewellyn along with his sister Enya. Keegan hatched in July 2014 and is destroying any and all food in front of him. He is a bright orange whip and we are excited to see him begin to change into his adult colors and we are even more excited to see him breed and make little orange whips of his own. 


Enya is the female savu that we received as a hatchling from Andrew Llewellyn as a gift along with her brother Keegan. Both Enya and Keegan we produced Khara Geders and hatched in July 2014. She is a fiery overly excited tiny orange snake. And we love that!! Enya is a monster feeder and even though we know her orange won't will fade to adults colors she is an amazing looking animal. We are very happy and excited to restart our savu project with true USA CBB animals in Enya and Keegan.