Super caramel is the result of breeding a caramel carpet to another caramel these carpets have very reduced black coloration the gene acts very much like the hypo gene in other animals. It also makes for fantastic combinations with zebra, jag, granite and other carpet python morphs. We expect a great things from this morph in the future 


Dakota is our hold back super caramel female from our 2013 pairing of our caramels Mars and Venus. She is a ferocious feeder and is growing quickly. Like all super caramels Dakota hatched reddish with light gold caramel pattern with no black markings. As she grew the back as begun to show, but rather then make Dakota look bad the black markings mixed with her golden color gives awesome contrast to this female. Once she is old enough she will be an amazing mate for any of our jags, tigers, caramels , and super caramels. 


Tysha is a female Super caramel jag produced by us here at Rogue in 2014. She hatched while I actually was away on a vacation in Alaska. She is an amazing looking animal and ia getting brighter and brighter with each shed and isn't developing any black on her body at all. Tysha is the daughter of Venus and Lucian and has given the cause to repeat the pairing in 2015. She is a monster feeder and is growing quickly. We are extremely excited to add Tysha into our super caramel jag projects and our brand new ghost project. 


Elia is a possible super caramel from Venus and Lucian. I am hoping just like her older half sister Dakota that she can be added into the Ghost (Caramel Axanthic) projects. Her contrast and black freckles male her one of my favorite animals. 


Oberon is the 2017 poss. super caramel jag hold back. He's from the last clutch our 09 caramel Venus produced before retirement with our caramel Jag Orrin. Like his half sisters Oberon has stunning color and pattern and we can't wait to see him get involved in the caramel axanthic program with our caramel het axanthic girls.