Tiger Carpet Pythons

The tiger morph is a mutation that can be characterized by large stripe on the back and a smaller stripe down each side of a carpet python. For a long time it was believed that Tiger was a co-dominant mutation (like Jaguar). At some point breeders began crossing Tigers with normal Coastals, this resulted in striped tiger like offspring as well as banded that have some tiger traits to them. In some circles these babies are called “lesser tigers” or “het tigers” (even though the trait itself isn’t recessive or dominant) 

The main belief of many Carpet python breeders (including myself) is that the Tiger trait is what is known as polygenic (A trait is a trait for which the  appearance depends on alleles in multiple genes.) Tigers with excellent striping comes from selective breeding done on, by crossing well striped tigers with other well striped tiger will produce baby tigers and what is some times called “super” tigers. This is just another name for a superbly striped tiger.  There are many things yet to be done with Caramel tiger and albino tiger have yet to be hatched.

Red Tigers


After the sudden lose of our male red tiger Orion we found for the first time since 2010 that we weren't going to produce any tiger carpets in 2015. Thats when we found Ragnar from our friend Howard Redding (Redding Reptile Breeders) produced by Jason Baylin (East Coast Serpents). Ragnar fills a huge hole left by Orion as the male breeding tiger in or collection. And he will be paired with Maya and Pixie in the coming years to bring some much needed diversity in the tiger projects.


Maya is a red tiger female produced by Jason Baylin in 2007, we received Maya from her pervious owner Eric Burke. Maya was proven with Eric producing a spectacular clutch of red zebra tiger jags for him. We hope to use Maya in our tiger projects with Orion and and a super tiger jag project with Echo. In 2015 Maya gave us 11egg from Echo, we are over joyed to see this project get to the point we always wanted to. 


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Gold/ Classic Tigers


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Russian Line Tigers


Jor-El is a 2016 Russian line tiger produced by Mike Curtin (Scattershot Exotics). I never gave much stock to the whole Russian tiger until i saw Jor-el and Lara. Jor-el being the more laid back of the two psychos and i can't wait for them to get older. The Addition of these two animals as introduced a brand new and exciting project at Rogue.


Lara is the female in our 1.1 Russian Red tiger group produced by Mike Curtin (Scattershot Exotics). She is a tad on the crazy missile with teeth side but she makes up for it by being an awesome looking animal. Unlike other tigers in our projects Lara will only ever be bred to Jor-el and visa versa. this is so we can keep expanding on the Russian tiger projects separately from the other tiger projects and tiger morphs.