Typhoon another step into rebuild our water python project (again). We had several water pythons at rogue but for one reason or another we sold our water python project off. After we immediately regretted doing so we tried to rebuild. Of course all of a sudden there were no waters for sale. After a year of searching we finally discovered Liasis breeder Brett Bloom and approached him about a new male water python. In the fall of 2014 we got our male. Typhoon is a typical water python even though his attitude is nothing compared to his future mate's. 



Yarra is our female water python produced Christopher Balse. We have been waiting for almost a year to finally have a pair of water pythons. And now we have Yarra.....and we immediately regret it. Yarra was a baby water python at about 3-4in when we got her but had the attitude of a 30ft retic with an infected tooth. And we picked her over her sister. Smart move Owen, anyways Yarra eats like horse and should catch Typhoon is size very quickly. We are very excited to breed our water pythons....despite how ever many bites Yarra inflicts along the way. Yarra need to have her cage covered most of the time to prevent her from freaking out and biting at the windows as people (mainly me) walk past. She kind of reminds why we got rid of these things. hopefully she'll produce little pretty hell raisers of her own in the future.