Zebra/ Zebra Jag Jungle Carpet Pythons

Zebra is a co-dominate morph found in the Jungle locality of carpet pythons. Zebras have a very busy pattern and striking yellow color. Unlike other carpet co-dominate morphs (jaguar) zebra has a super form, breeding a zebra to another zebra will result is an all yellow super-zebra. At Rogue we have one lone male Zebra "Mr. Mayhem" and eventually expanded to one zebra jag "Frenzy". we hope to produce both in the coming season as well as our very own super zebras.

Mr. Mayhem

Mr. Mayhem is a new addition to our zebra project. Produced by Jason Baylin (East Coast Serpents) in a joint project with Chris Rindels and Chris Koeppel (Head Hunter Reptiles). He is from the pairing of Jason's zebra from Paul Harris and Brinkley from Head hunter. We are very pleased to have back into this bloodline and have a pure male zebra to compliment Frenzy. Mr. Mayhem will be paired with Clara in this first year to hopefully make some outstanding zebras.


**Bio coming soon**


Frenzy is our first foray into Zebra Jags, he comes from Paul Harris via our good friend Eric Burke at EB Morelia. Frenzy has blown our zebra project sky high. we are pairing him with both our VPI female June and our Curtin female Gypsy as soon as we can