Born in 2005 in a college dorm room at Delaware Valley College, Rogue-Reptile's LLC name comes courtesy of Delval College Security, who referred to the sometimes randomly roving pets of students as such. Of course unknown to them I owned many of these labeled rogue reptiles, but was thankfully never found out by College Security. Not from lack of trying on their part. With a grand total of fifteen snakes in my dorm room at the time of graduation in 2008, if I had been caught.....lets just say I’d still be paying off the fines.

The main focuses of Rogue-Reptiles LLC are different species of pythons, our collection consists of mostly pythons from the Morelia complex with the majority being Morelia spilota Coastals, Jungles, Irian Jaya and Darwin carpet pythons. At this time the collection includes morphs like Jaguars, Red-Jaguars, Tigers, Red-Tigers, HCQ Tigers, Tiger-Jaguars, High Contrast Queensland carpets, Red phase Coastals, Striped carpets, Caramels, HCQ Jags, Caramel tigers, super caramels, Super caramel jags, Granite Irian Jayas, Zebra Jungles, Zebra jags, Axanthics, Axanthic jags, and Albinos . We are also working with Morelia Bredli , or bredli's python and Morelia viridis, more commonly known as the Green tree python, and Morelia carinata or rough scaled python. We pride ourselves on having our Morelia from some of the best blood lines and breeders  in the world. Another species we are building projects on is Simalia  species, or scub pythons, we are  working with Moluccan scrub pythons including a stripe and a patternless Moluccans. Along with Simalia amethistina or Barneck scrub pythons. We currently have a group of adults and juveniles from localities such as Aru, Jayapura, Southern, and Wamena. And recently added a group of Tanimbar scubs. We have also begun a Bothrochilus breeding project with both the golden white lip D'Albert's python and black phases hoserae of White Lipped Pythons. Another favorite project is the Liasis family where we are working with Macklott's pythons, New guinea water pythons, Savu pythons and Australian Olive pythons. We have two small boa projects with Amazon tree boa and Dominican Red Mountain Boas.  We have many different python breeding projects and are excited to bring all these projects to fruition.

In 2011 I began working as co-host to Eric Burke (EB Morelia) in the online radio podcast Morelia Python Radio (MPR) that airs every Tuesday at 9pm and is available on iTunes. It has been a blast and has allowed us to reach breeders around the world and bring together pythons breeders in the US.

It has been a complete joy to keeping and breeding these amazing animals and meeting people around the world that share Our passion. Our mission is to breed all of these fantastic python species and sharing with the reptile community. And we don't intend on stopping anytime soon.



Owen McIntyre