Reptiles For Sale

This page is full of all the animals we currently have for sale. If its not listed we don't have any available. All the babies are fed frozen thawed rat pinkies to start with and then moved on to rat pups as soon as they are able, this means no live food and no having to deal with   switching from mice to rats as they get older.

To view bio and serial number for each baby click on the pictures below. Once you have selected a snake you   wish to purchase please contact us with the serial number as well as the address of where you would like the python delivered for a shipping quote. You can contact us by emailing Rogue-Reptiles using the contact link or you can also call me (Owen) at   (215)272-9322 eastern standard time zone....just keep that in mind.

-Owen McIntyre

2017 Coastal Caramels $120-$200.00 + Shipping

2017 Caramel Jags $180+ Shipping

2017 Red Tiger-Jags Males- $120- $130.00 +Shipping

2017 Female Het Granite  and Granite IJ carpet python

2017 Female Delia Scattershot line Jungle Carpets $300.00 + Shipping

2016 Mona Lisa Line Coastal Carpets ($100.00- $175.00) + Shipping

Undocumented Male Diamond $550.00 Shipped

1.1 proven 2009 jungles produced by Nick Mutton
$700.00 + Shipping for the pair

**Normal Shipping rates for baby boxes- East Coast- $50.00-$55.00, Midwest- $60.00-$65.00, West Coast- $70.00- $75.00

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